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Building Customer Trust Begins With You

Put your best face forward with a professional headshot



Book a call to discuss your expectations


Be coached to get the perfect shot in your time


Win over your customers with a professional you


Stop Losing Business

Research suggest it takes a tenth of a second to determine traits like competence and trustworthiness.* If you’re not taking your business seriously, neither will potential customers.

It’s time to bin that selfie and showcase the authentic professional you.


Behind the Scenes with IPS

Be Yourself.

Instill Confidence.

Attract your Tribe.


I'm not photogenic

It can be hard getting a great photo if you haven’t been coached how to. I’ll teach you how relax, feel good, have fun, move and get your best angles in the very best light.


But I look different in photos than I do in the mirror!

Actually you're right! During our time together, I'm going to teach you why and how comfort trumps all in photographs!


I can’t afford professional photos

If you’re serious about your business you can’t afford NOT to have professional photos! One small investment will position you as a competent expert and entice others to continually invest in you.

Amanda Waschevski

Amanda Waschevski is Ipswich's leading headshot photography expert and coach, specialising in Corporate Headshots, Actor's Headshots and Editorial Portraits.

*Sourced from The Guardian.

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