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If you’re an actor then you need a photographer who specialises in expression coaching. Someone who can help you translate the ideas in your head into a marketable photograph of you that still showcases your style and personality.

MY ACTOR HEADSHOTS ARE UNIQUE because I specialise in crafting beautifully lit images that are about my subjects, not just of them.

Acting headshots are one of the key marketing tools for aspiring thespians. Your acting headshot will be the first thing a casting director will look at when going through submissions. If the headshot catches the CD’s attention, you’ve already passed the first stage. Then the next stage is to impress the CD with your acting CV/resume and demo reel. Actors with “weak” resumes can still have a significantly hire chance to get an audition if they have an outstanding headshot.

Your actor headshots, combined with your actor showreel, are the foundations of your actor profile. They are without shadow of a doubt a key marketing tool for your acting career. 

I understand that your headshots need to be consistent with who you portray, what you project, and the type of role you are looking for. Your headshot is your brand and should invite people to imagine you in different roles, within your type of character. The opportunities that a good actor headshot can provide are through the roof.

Returning Actors even get to take advantage of my “Mates Rates” because developing a long term relationship has incredible benefits for both you and me!

Get in touch because you should be auditioning more!

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Hi there! I'm Amanda Waschevski

I AM A HEADSHOT AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN IPSWICH, QLD. I help people be themselves in front a camera.