Inside the Headshot

New headshots for this tog today and in this blog post, I share some quick thoughts on viability and perception.

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Does your brand need an update?

You are not the same person you were a year ago. Businesses mature and we step more comfortably into our roles. Your photography should grow with you.

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Helping you be You

Confident. Comfortable. Connected. Business Portraits that put YOU back in the picture.

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Photographing your whole Team

You’re in business and you need a consistent look. Sometimes, you’re whole team can’t visit the studio at the one time. I can help with that.

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Creativity is Queen!

The creativity behind this shoot! I am utterly stoked with the quality of people I get to work with on a daily basis. With an inclusive process in the studio, you’re in control of more than you’d think. You’ve got the vision, I just help you bring it to light.

Actors Headshots

Beneath the Surface

Professional speaking coach, MC, presenter and actor, Shane Mallory, joined me in the studio recently for a portrait session.

Using colour in your headshots

While an interesting headshot is important, I often place meaning and communication above that. Of course, I ‘m striving for both wherever possible because colours carry a myriad of associations depending on the context and application. The right colour can cause an instant reaction not only for casting but in business too, helping people see […]

Rene’s Recommended

Ipswich is a wonderful community full of wonderful people. Irene is one of them. She recently put out a call to interview local artists and I put up my hand.

Actors Headshots in Ipswich Qld with Ipswich Photography Studio.

Does the camera really add 10 pounds?

It turns out that this age-old line isn’t just a fairytale that we spin to make ourselves feel better about bad photos. The camera really does add 10 pounds. At least some cameras do.

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Yvonne | Ipswich Portrait Photographer

Intention. Connection. Creation. Style.

These will be the driving words of 2021 for the Ipswich Photography Studio and I’m so damn keen to jump right in!