Coronavirus and Community

Wow! What an unprecedented few weeks it has been! I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning from the daily changes made to our communities.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time (I’m at Covid-19 overload too), but I wanted to let you know what’s happening at my end during this current health crisis.

I’ve just completed Covid19 Infection Control Training for my work with Heartfelt. Surprisingly, I felt a whole lot calmer about this virus after breaking it down to just the facts. While I know that I can offer a safe and clean environment that allows for social distancing, I’m not too sure what the future looks like for small business in the coming days, weeks and months. What I do know is that I’m monitoring the situation carefully as it unfolds and will take appropriate action at the appropriate time. I wish I had some clear answers – I bet you do too.

It’s an incredibly stressful time for us all at the moment, people are losing jobs, business are closing and the social media hype isn’t helping anyone because the facts are getting lost in the emotion. BUT … We are also stepping into an incredible moment in history too. We are not alone in this and across the globe we are collectively experiencing the highs and the lows. We have a unique opportunity to “stand together” in a moment of social distancing. 

For now, the work is slow but the communication channels are remaining open and I plan on getting on top of a lot of jobs and projects from home (including the dreaded paperwork). I might even get a marketing plan for 2021 on time too. There will be a lot going on behind the scenes, in fact I’ve already started my first Ebook designed to share a little knowledge and experience. (Stay tuned!)

My hope for you is that you stay safe and well. That you have coffee for your mornings, food for your table and rolls for your toilet! (Maybe some gin for the afternoons too!)  I know we’ll all make it through this sooner if we look after each other by spending some time apart. xox

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