Headshots Vs. Portraits

Headshots Vs. Portraits



A headshot is generally a close-­up style shot of head and shoulders that the subject uses for branding, marketing and for identifying themselves in the marketplace. Headshots may be in studio or on­-location. The subject’s expression is approachable and confident. Subject is looking at the camera. The goal is to recognise/identify the subject. All on-line social media outlets use profile pics which are headshots. In my business, headshots refer to business headshots, actor headshots and my modeling headshots for children.


A portrait is any other kind of shot of a person. The options are limitless. Closeups, 3/4 lengths, full body shots, in studio or on location where the setting may be important to the story of the portrait. Expressions can really show any kind of emotion and subject may not even be looking at the camera. Portraits can be of one person or more than one person.  Photographers have great artistic and creative license to capture a subject and tell a story.

A headshot could be a portrait but a portrait is not necessarily a headshot. The main difference being that a headshot is a professional representation of the subject for the desired use of the photograph, while a portrait is an artistic representation of the person.

A business owner may elect to have a studio headshot taken then have a variety of portraits taken at their place of business. These shots are sometimes referred to as environmental portraits. Or they may want a variety of poses in the studio that tell the story of who they are. Personally, I would refer to these as Editorial Portraits.

As a business professional, you are looking for more visibility, engagement, inquiries, and sales. A powerful professional headshot or portrait serves as more than just a visual marketing tool but a creative partner, helping deliver these solid results by elevating and expanding your brand’s message and serving to communicate with your target clientele when you’re not there to do it in person.


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