Your Headshot Experience – What to Expect

Your Headshot Experience - What to Expect

With over 10 years of experience, Amanda is here to help you be you in front of a camera. From booking the perfect session for your individual photography needs, assistance with scheduling a professional stylist, creating a welcoming environment, helping you feel comfortable and confident and expertly coaching you into all the best poses and expressions – to all the post-production work of retouching, and digital file preparation, Amanda is here to make sure you not only look – but feel your absolute best.

All of Amanda’s photo sessions are shot tethered to a large monitor allowing you to view your portraits and headshots in live time as they are taken. No more wasted time, and no more wasted money on a product you are not 100% satisfied with. You will know what you are getting before you leave the studio, and you will love it.

Sessions are limited to one per day. This is done to ensure that we have all the time we need for your shoot. Amanda also knows that you’re busy and she’s not going to keep you any longer than you need to be.

Lighting, posing and composition are all important parts of a photograph; but the part that takes time (and is the most important ingredient) is the expression. It’s much more important to produce quality work that is valuable to you and that Amanda can be proud of, than it is to cram as many clients through the door as possible.

Quality over quantity, every time.

It takes time to get the right expressions, and that’s because not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera at first.  Amanda understands that. Everyone can look incredible given the proper coaching, even those who don’t like having their photo taken. Nine times out of ten, the desired expression is confidence mixed with connection and approachability. We might get there quickly or not – either way, it’s fine because we’re not clock watching. We will have plenty of time for all of your outfit changes and looks too.

Amanda will coach you throughout the session on everything you need to know. Expression, angles, positioning, hair, all of those details which you don’t need to worry about. The aim of the session is to create amazing photographs and she’ll spend as little or as long as is needed in order to get them.

Confidence & Approachability

As well as confidence and approachability in your photography, you need to look relaxed and connected – like you’re trustworthy and in control of your situation. If you don’t look like that, then your headshot could be doing you more harm than good. Fundamentally, it’s about the subconscious – the first impression people subconsciously feel when they see our headshot.  We create a perfect mix of confidence, connection and approachability by having fun during the session.

Once or twice throughout the session, we’ll stop and look at some images we’ve taken, so you can see the shots we’re creating and make any corrections necessary. It’s a fun, relaxed atmosphere that lends well to getting the expressions you need from your headshots. At the end of the session, we’ll sit down, grab a coffee and review all of the images we created.

From there, you’ll pick your favorite photographs to be professionally edited and retouched. You’ll get as much or as little input as you like on what the best shots are, it’s sometimes nice to have an opinion other than our own in what we look like. As well as the high resolution JPEGs, Amanda will also make sure you receive custom sizes and crops for social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. That’ll save you the trouble of re-sizing and cropping the shots after you receive them.

Don’t settle for good enough.

“I want to help you portray the most confident version of yourself. It’s not about being photogenic, it’s about coaching, and that’s my specialty.”



Hi there! I'm Amanda Waschevski

I AM A HEADSHOT AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN IPSWICH, QLD. I help people be themselves in front a camera.

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