Why you need a Professional Headshot

Why you need a Professional Headshot

Professionals today all have a digital identity. Business cards are out, headshots are in. Headshots put a face to a name and anybody that is entrepreneurial needs one.

Any online profile without a headshot lacks meaning and most selfies can sap the professionalism right out of you. You know that photo of you drinking wine on the beach on the Sunshine Coast? As good as you look in it, it might not communicate your value or land you your dream job.

You only have to spend a few minutes looking through LinkedIn to see how much of a difference a professional headshot can make. We live in a fast paced, visual era and your headshot is usually your first impression. Does yours reflect you, your values, your point of difference?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram… these different platforms have different audiences and can benefit from different headshots to help you connect to each.


I think we’ve been branded to for too long. We’ve been presented images of hype, marketing and ego. I believe it’s time we got a sense of truth – who are you really and what is it like to connect with you as a human being?


People are looking for you, clean and simple. Most people are looking at your profile want to see you you clean and simple too.

Mostly, I photograph my clients on a clean background so that they stand out from the noise. I also coach my clients to ensure that they convey trust, confidence and approachability.


I work with one client a day in the studio, making sure you have all the time you need.

The last thing I want is for you to leave your photography session with a headshot or portrait that isn’t what you wanted because we’ve only got 2 minutes left and we’re not where we need to be yet. It takes time to get the right expressions, and that’s because not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera at first.  I understand that. 

Every face is remarkable and everyone can look incredible given the proper coaching, even those who don’t like having their photo taken. It’s my job to show you how.

Ipswich Portrait Photography


  • All the time you need
  • Multiple background and lighting options
  • Multiple wardrobe changes
  • Personalised coaching and direction
  • Portrait, headshot and full-length options
  • Purchase only those images that you absolutely love

I would love to work with you.

Hi there! I'm Amanda Waschevski

I AM A HEADSHOT AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN IPSWICH, QLD. I help people be themselves in front a camera.

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